About Us
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4C is the result of combining international experience in design and construction management and control with thorough knowledge of the local market in the countries where it operates, to offer efficient services related to Independent Project, Engineering and Technical Assistance Integrated Management.

Project Management services entail an innovating work management approach. Through long-term control, budget and quality, the most advanced and efficient work management mechanisms existing in the market are made available to investors, developers and public or private institutions.  These mechanisms are carried out under an ongoing improvement scheme through the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. This enables incrementing significantly the developer’s capacity to optimize costs, deadlines and quality, in turn reducing the risk of falling into the usual later deviations from such parameters.

4C is composed of professionals with over 20 years’ experience who held key regional positions in leading construction management and real estate development multinational companies. Their renowned experience in multiple projects in the different countries where they operate provides them with extraordinary credibility and solvency as efficient service providers and definitely committed to their clients’ objectives.

This wonderful union of experience, work philosophy and resources was created to enable access to investors and developers to the most reliable and advanced international techniques on work control and cost, deadline and quality optimization, realizing challenges that would otherwise be unreachable.

We feel proud of showing, along these pages, some success stories that we have shared with our clients.