4C in Time


Bovis Lend Lease initiates its activities in the region. In the first years, the company starts to operate in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, and Panama, and a local team is formed in Argentina to develop operations in the region. The objective is the presentation of top quality project management services, pursuant the international standards for global clients’ projects. That start represents the genesis of a strong association between the professionals who are now part of 4C.

At Bovis Lend Lease, the professionals that today are part of 4C held the highest positions in the Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico management teams, and they built key pieces in the different programs commissioned by global companies, having as clients National Grid (4,000 kilometers of optic fiber network), ABN AMRO Bank (over 1,000 bank branches), HSBC (750 branches), Banco Itau (Brazil), Citi (Brazil), BBVA (Mexico, Peru), Nokia (in all the region). Besides it, they carried out hotel projects (Westing Lima, The Luxury Collection in Urubamba and Paracas, Hampton Inn, Nh Hotels, Chartwell Group, Strategic Hotels & Capital, etc.), industry projects (BPB Gypsum Mattel plant, SJC plant in Argentina) and corporate office projects (HSBC Mexico, BMW, ING Real Estate, Hines, BAPRO), among others.


During these years, Bovis Lend Lease finishes its activities in Peru, giving place to 4C‘s conception, founded by former BLL key leaders, to continue maintaining the high management standards provided by Bovis Lend Lease. The team that makes up the company is the same that was working with BLL when the operation shutdown was decided.

That same year, 4C signs the first project in Peru with a great multisite management program for the Continental BBVA Bank.


To serve BBVA’s unique needs, 4C incremented its capacity to provide Design and Engineering, with a BIM platform for the Bank’s ramified program.


4C takes de decision to extend its engineering and project and construction management services to the rest of the countries in Latin America.

The first project in Argentina is a residential building in Buenos Aires, which pre-construction phase starts in May and, as from September, provides design services to BBVA in Mexico. Also, an industrial plant for the company Montesinas is built.


In 2013, Lend Lease decides to put an end to its operations in Argentina and Brazil, and its main directors become 4C partners as from June, 2014, supporting the expansion strategic plans and approach to render international quality services. Likewise, they share the vision of becoming leaders in the region to provide excellence in engineering, construction and real estate development management services.

4C signs a long-term agreement with a local engineering company, which is directed by the former Lend Lease Operations Manager in Brazil and has a Brazilian Lend Lease team, captured after ceasing the activities.