Bovis Lend Lease Multinational starts operations in Latin America in 1998. A local team develops projects and carries out construction management in several countries in the region. This sets the beginning of a close cooperation between the professionals who are now part of 4C.

In 2010, Bovis Lend Lease terminates its activities in Peru. That year, a group of respected project management leaders founded 4C. The objective was to serve the client’s unique needs that planned to expand or update their site portfolio in the whole region.

4C starts its activities in Peru with an extensive multiple site program, with BBVA Continental Bank. Then it continues to extend its activities with other major clients in Peru, such as the Swiss Embassy, BCP and BanBif.

In 2013, Lend Lease decides to terminate its operations in South America. Since then, 4C takes the decision to extend engineering, project and construction management, and development services to the rest of the Latin American countries, establishing alliances with local companies to add value and increase the capacities of each region.

In 2014, Lend Lease terminates its operations in Argentina and Brazil, and the major directors become 4C partners, supporting the vision of becoming the best regional company concerning the presentation of engineering project management services for multinational companies.

With a strong focus on planning and logistics, together with strategic alliances with partners and providers, 4C ensures efficiency related to design elaboration, construction and management for commercial, industrial and residential applications in all Latin America.

Nowadays, its offices in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Mexico work together, integrating their capacities.