Involvement with the Community
grupo solidario

grupo solidarioWe are committed with the development of 4C as a long term sustainable business, through the value contribution for all our stakeholders: clients, employees and the community.

“Grupo Solidário” was founded by a group of friends who felt uncomfortable with the social differences mainly in the infant universe. It was founded in 2007 with the target to reduce the social inequalities with volunteer actions that enable access to essential rights.

The group is non-profit and non-political organization that receives donations of partners, groups, professionals and people who wants to do something for an equal and fair society. Some volunteers help by donating time for actions that facilitate the access of disadvantaged communities to essential services.

Social Programs:

sorriso e vida



Every year, kids of some communities are taken to dentists for diagnosis and dental treatment. We offered transportation and meal after the appointments.

natal solidario


Football championships are performed for children in the community “Parque Fernanda”. One day of sports, fun, awards and solidarity. Many volunteers come together for this end year action offering food, toys, sports apparel and other necessary items for the development of the event.

inverno solidario



Collection and distribution of clothing, blankets and other clothes for poor communities and homeless, especially in the winter.

grupo solidario 2b
Grupo Solidario 3