Safety and Planning
Seguridad y Planeamiento

4C is committed to operating in a “safe and planned” way wherever it is present, and to exploring all the opportunities to achieve a Positive Impact on the Environment. The company’s criteria regarding Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is based on this Vision, and is realized through Operative Discipline and Behavior within the organization.

The concurrent elements of the Vision, Operative Discipline and Behavior make up the core of the company’s culture. 4C strives to reach more than the mere legal or organizational compliance or minimum requirements. The core element of this culture is Unconditional Leadership. This requires not only that the organization’s vision be understood at all levels, but also that the systems, standards and relevant responsibilities be comprehended. This conception defines that leaders must take decisions that contribute to the elimination of incidents and to the creation of positive results with respect to EH&S.

Experience shows that the more aligned with safety preservation the local business units, subcontractors and partners are, the safer and more successful the project outcome is.