Management System

The EH&S Management System is designed to address the requirements in standards OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 for occupational hygiene and safety, and environmental commitment. The management system also provides the framework for the EH&S operative disciplines in 4C and how such disciplines should be managed internally within the organization. This document identifies the 4C Group management procedures and each office responsibilities to incorporate them and monitor their operational implementation.

This management system is characterized by an ongoing improvement cycle made up of the following elements: Planning (for example, strategy) – Implementation (for example, operations) – Review (for example, performance). This method allows 4C to transfer to all the organization the improvements in EH&S management procedures. The MSS (Minimum Safety Standards) applicable at the operations level are designed to also follow the Plan-Implementation-Review system, which result is a logical management methodology implemented at such level.

We continuously evaluate our operations and controls, and use our best endeavors for our organization to be the best in the industry.

The Safety Organization is structured to operate regionally and provide strategic guidance. We ensure the support role between the Group and local business units to guarantee that the EH&S management safety priorities are generating an impact through a dedicated approach.

Our approach is focused on eradicating all incidents at the workplace. Construction activities are developed with pre-construction planning including safety considerations. Together with policies, compulsory safety inspections and training programs, these standards have created an efficient safety organization in the construction industry nowadays.