Work Team

4C has a team of professionals with extensive and proven experience in monitoring, evaluating and managing large construction projects, most likely being the most important and qualified independent project management group currently available in the market.

This is combined with a highly qualified national and international experience in the world of large project construction, with professionals communicating in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

4C, aware of the great human capital it possesses, has developed a person-centered corporate culture which, together with a modern and flexible methodology, provides solvency, solvency and credibility that are not comparable in the market.

Pablo Lanés
Pablo Lanes
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Pablo Lanes is a civil engineer with more than 24 years of experience in Management and Construction of projects of great complexity in the United States and in Latin America in countries like Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico.
He began his career in Lend Lease since 1999; He was appointed Country Manager for Mexico in 2003, responsible for coordinating projects in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. As of 2007, Pablo was responsible for operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
He has worked for Lend Lease as chief operating officer for Latin America and the Caribbean in recent years. Over the years, he has worked on different projects for major global companies in the region, such as Repsol YPF Corporate Building, BMW Corporate Building, Nortel Networks, Corporate Building of ING, Torcuato Di Tella University, Parque Tecnológico de Austral University, HSBC Corporate Building – the first LEED Gold Certification building in Latin America – Prudential Industrial Plant, Aeromexico, Nextel, BP, NH Hotels, Westin Hotels and Bacolet Bay Resort, among others.

Rodrigo De Santi
Rodrigo de Santi
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Rodrigo De Santi, a civil engineer from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and an MBA in Strategic and Economic Management of Companies from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), is a professional with 22 years of experience in Construction and Real Estate. He has extensive experience in project management in all phases, from the conceptual stage to the conclusion and delivery of the project to the client. He has participated in high-quality hotel projects (hotels), residential, commercial, office and interior, as well as high-level and multi-site banking agencies both in Brazil and internationally. He worked in the commercial area in search of new business. He has extensive experience in contract management and easy adaptation to work processes, places and people, according to each project, as well as in direct contact with clients. He also has experience in developing ISO 9001 procedures. He has successfully completed projects with the use of new technologies. Has a strong commitment to safety in the works, as well as in planning and control. In the projects in which he participated, he demonstrated an integral capacity of planning, value engineering, procurement and Procurement, Design Management and Control, Construction Supervision and Quality Control. Has an excellent relationship with Clients, Suppliers and Coordinators.

Roberto Alcalde Eyzaguirre
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Roberto Alcalde Eyzaguirre is Civil Constructor of the Catholic University of Chile, with more than 24 years of experience in the field of construction and real estate and several advanced studies in these areas. He worked for 14 years in charge of construction work on housing in the most important companies in Chile. In the last 12 years, he has been linked to the real estate world. He worked as Real Estate Manager in charge of the development, construction and commercialization of several housing projects, the most important being the development and implementation of the mega project Laguna del Sol located in the municipality of Padre Hurtado, Santiago – Chile. Later, he was general manager of Enea, which is a mega industrial real estate development located in the district of Pudahuel, Santiago – Chile. He has extensive experience in search, planning, development, execution, supervision of works, control of management and commercialization of real estate and housing developments.

Ana Cristina Offa
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Ana Cristina Offa has 18 years of professional experience in financial and banking institutions. He holds a post-graduate degree in business administration. Worked in large national and multinational companies. His experience in finance is mainly control of payments and receipts, reports, budget control and cash flow. He has extensive knowledge in bank reconciliations. He has experience in administrative procedures. In turn, performed recruitment and selection of personnel. Has knowledge of acquisitions and public-private projects. He performed analysis and segmentation of contracts as well as currency transactions. Served as relationship manager and account manager for two large financial institutions. Managed customer portfolios and operations in the commercial area. He speaks and writes in English and Spanish, with Portuguese being his native language.

Rodrigo Britta
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Rodrigo Britta is a Civil Engineer graduated at University Mackenzie in 2006 with a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at B.I. International College in 2015. He has 20 years of experience in the construction sector working as project manager, planning, controller manager and purchasing manager. His technique’s skills applies to every steps of the project management, targeting thecontrolling schedules, costs and quality.
He participated directly as project manager in relevant works in Brazil.

Tami Sehnem
tami sehnem
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Tami Sehnem, architect with great experience in the area of development of architectural projects, in prestigious offices of Curitiba / PR and also as partner of the architecture office in Joinville / SC. Main actions: Coordination, preparation and approval of projects in the competent bodies, compatibility of complementary projects, monitoring of residential, institutional, commercial and interior works. He has also worked in the area of landscape and urban planning, developing studies of the environmental impacts of large enterprises and published some of his works in the PREMIER magazine of Joinville, SC, in the architecture part of the April / 2010 edition. 5 and a half years ago works in the area of project management in multinational companies, focusing on civil construction: coordination of the entire process, from the interface with the internal clients to track to the perfect execution of the work and delivery in the agreed term.

Javier Valero
Javier Valero
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Architect for more than 24 years. He studied at the University of Buenos Aires and worked as an Architect since 1993 in several prestigious studios in Argentina, leading multiple projects of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. From 2004 to 2007, he worked as Project Manager in the execution of commercial installations in Madrid – Spain. From 2009, he worked on Lend Lease in projects such as the Roberto Garza Sada Center of the University of Monterrey in Mexico, the Westin Libertador Hotel in Lima in Peru and the Westin Hotel in Cusco and Puno, working on logistic analysis of construction sites , and coordination of disciplines.
In recent years, both in its own work and in connection with third-party projects, it has worked flexibly in all phases of the project definition, ranging from preliminary projects to the development of detailed engineering, coordinated in solid executive documentation, and interacting with the monitoring of corresponding work.
Javier is currently responsible for the Technical Management of the Campus Vista Pilar company of 26,000 m2 and starting a project in the center of Buenos Aires of 900m2 for the Apart Hotel.

Marcos Alvarenga
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Marcos Alvarenga, 21 years of professional experience in the area of civil construction in medium-sized and multinational companies acting as project coordinator. Among his responsibilities are the interface with the client and our office in São Paulo. He is responsible for the general coordination of several projects including the planning and programming of the service providers’ actions, accompanying the contracting of suppliers, coordinating the scope of the works and the execution of the schedules, ensuring that customer requirements aremet.
Experience in the commercial area, prospecting new business, planning works, bidding, procurement, management and control of design, supervision of works, quality control, relationship with customers, coordination of suppliers and contractors.

Wilson Abreu
Wilson Abreu
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Wilson Abreu, with 48 years of experience in commercial and corporate space projects, project coordination, preliminary in situ research, knowledge of federal regulations for people with special needs, licenses in general, serving public and private clients throughout. Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, California, and Alaska.

Some of the major large-scale projects involved managing multi-site development – universities – such as the McCafé project, with 156 coffee areas in McDonalds, Central and West Florida. In his career it is fair to highlight the accessibility project for McDonalds as well as the managed projects for Mobil / Exxon Oil, Shell Oil, Texaco and BP throughout Florida. Construction management, concept development, layouts, work certificates for new commercial spaces and others in the states of Florida, North Carolina and Texas can also be noted for Bank of America. As Project Manager and for 17 years in his professional career, Wilson worked on the development of new spaces, remodeling and installation of service stations, creating a new image and complying with the legislation to comply with accessibility standards. He was also tasked with a pilot program in Orlando and in the West and South Florida Regions for BP as a contracted Bovis Lend Lease contract. Managed the development of 162 spaces within the BP Update Program in the states of South and North Carolina; has developed the architectural layout and final designs for the refurbishment of food service facilities for MacDill Air Force Base and Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. He was hired to implement the Pilot Program for HSBC Brazil in San Pablo, installing agencies with an innovative concept. Mr. Wilson Abreu was a co-founder and president of a civil engineering company in Florida (USA), working directly for more than 15 years coordinating a team of 50 professionals.

João Gilberto Carazzato Jr
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João Gilberto Carazzato Jr. holds a degree in civil engineering from Universidade Paulista – UNIP. He holds a postgraduate degree in security, MBA and specialization courses in real estate and project management. With 23 years of professional experience in the field of construction he developed real estate projects in large companies. He has experience in feasibility analysis, structuring and project monitoring at all stages, from initial feasibility to completion and delivery to the customer. Procedures developed for implementation and certification of construction standards and techniques, including Safety in Construction Work. He has extensive experience in: cost planning, budget control, document control, construction planning, production and supply schedules, value engineering, bidding, procurement, design management and control, construction supervision, quality controls: a good relationship with clients and management of hiring and coordination of suppliers and contractors.
Participated as Project Manager in large companies that created residential, commercial and hotel projects. Among them, the Hotel Formule 1, the Eldorado Business Tower, with an area of ​​60,000 m², with LEED certification – Core & Shell, Platinum.

Daniel Oliveira
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Daniel Oliveira, 15 years of professional experience in the area of civil construction and call centers in large companies and multinationals. Solid experience in the area of project management of multisites construction until delivery to the client. Extensive experience in contract management from outsourced companies and KPIs. Experience in management and maintenance of infrastructure and process implementation. Team leadership. Experience in the elaboration of procedures aiming at the routine maintenance of building infrastructure and equipment according to the specification of the operations. Management of KPIs and SSO indicators. Extensive experience in planning and managing costs and expenses, EVTL, budget control, construction planning, bidding, management and control of drawings, supervision of works, quality control and coordination of suppliers and contractors.