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Integrated Project Management, Engineering and Independent Technical Assistance, Project Design and Development



Project Management

4C provides the client with a team of experienced professionals in every aspect of the construction industry. Hired by the client, the team acts as an extension of the client’s organization to achieve the appropriate project design and construction management.

4C Project Management coordinates the Design Consultants and Contractor’s activities, and acts as the only point of contact between them and the client.

Construction Management

4C’s approach consists in working in integrated teams to coordinate work relations with the client, the design team, the consultants, the site staff, key contractors and their own team, as necessary. High quality communications and collaboration are established to enable an efficient organization so that informed decisions are timely taken.

Design + Construction

This delivery method enables 4C to provide a comprehensive solution, this being the only point of contact with the Client, from the conception to the delivery for the project operation. This single point of responsibility enables certain projects to be built faster. The 4C team works incorporating Building Information Modelling (BIM) to all its projects. The hiring form will vary from D+B/ EPC or EPCM, depending on the client’s needs.


4C approach is to work from day 1 team working with all consultants seeking solutions with the goal to optimize construction cost and schedule. Plans will be continually refined as more specific information becomes available providing the client with a stream of accurate information. By working on a BIM environment updates in design are reflected in both cost and schedule.


normas, políticas y lineamientos

nnovation The Project Management services are an innovative method of construction management, deadlines and budgets in continuous improvement, which offers investors, developers and public or private institutions, more advanced and effective control and construction management mechanisms. This allows developer to significantly increase the ability to optimize their cost, deadlines and quality, while reducing the risk of incurring the usual subsequent deviations on these parameters.

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