Multisite is a specialty business unit that has been created to maximize the knowledge and capacities developed from our work with major national and multinational clients. Our objective is to concentrate on multiple site programmes which capitalize the benefits that may be obtained through the treatment of a group of projects as a programme.

he multisite group has worked on several similar programmes in Latin America for banking and financial institutions, restaurants and retail. We are an organization that focuses on programme management and which uses our Project Management and Construction base in each country, together with a support team in our Buenos Aires, Brazil, Mexico or Peru as required. Our group specializes in the following services:

Client Representation

he Management Monitoring is a tool that enables our clients to follow up the project management they participate in, with no interference…

Programme Management

It is the end-to-end comprehensive planning and coordination, for clients with developments that involve multiple sites, or sites involving multiple buildings…

Technical Consultancy

Service rendered by 4C professionals based on each client’s specific needs. We identify the solutions for each of the problems…

General Contractor

The General Contractor service takes over and provides services from the initial planning to completion and definite close out of the project.

Lump Sum Service

Lump Sum Service involves stating a limit to the project’s budget, ensuring the provision of services from the initial planning to the completion and final Close out of the project.

Design + Construction

We offer industrial and innovating solutions for the design and construction of structural or civil industrial engineering, and we have moved beyond the traditional contractor role to offer a wider range of interior services…

Concept Design

Prior to the project’s construction phase, the 4C team will establish the ‘lines of authority’ to execute the project in a coordinated and efficient manner…

Site Search

With regional presence in Latin America, 4C offers the property search service for real estate developments, for different kinds of projects…

Financial Structure and Feasibility

We develop economic and financial studies and feasibility for real estate projects…

Real Estate Development

As Developer and Investor , 4C participates in real estate projects of different segments and countries where it has presence…

Based on our work with multiple clients, we are now able to provide our improved experience, knowledge and best practices lo leverage programmes. Our clear strategy, real time information and a logistics solution offers just in time delivery of products and equipment.

The most significant benefit of using the 4C Multisite Group is our capacity to manage a wide range of projects. Our staff and processes allow our company to manage new constructions, renovations, extensions, maintenance programmes, brand launching efforts and site improvements.

Our strength is based on our capacity to review Client’s processes from end to end, and on our ability to improve the execution capacity and on-site control appropriateness to supervise a programme. The 4C Multisite Group has a team technically skilled to review development process that includes due diligence, estimation, design management, procurement, permits, safety, and construction management with a turnkey solution.

We have a flexible structure that enables us to adjust and optimize the use of our resources according to the volume of projects. The Multisite Group may support the programme, providing experienced staff, resources and tools for several projects.

One of the most significant values for our clients is Procurement. We have been very successful at generating significant cost savings for the programme that uses advanced acquisition techniques. We have an extensive network of pre-qualified contractors and consultants in the countries where we operate.

To ensure a strong process development, we will have to spend some time with key persons within our clients’ organizations to better understand the processes used and to obtain ideas to improve such processes. This will ensure that all the parties understand their roles and responsibilities in the future. All the documents, processes and procedures are agreed upon and established before the launch of this new approach and in the format of a Project Execution Plan (PEP). During the programme, a report is issued to all the stakeholders for them to get to know their responsibilities and be informed on the project progress, as required.

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