Client Representation

The Management Monitoring is a tool that enables our clients to follow up the project management they participate in, with no interference. Thus they obtain reliable “timely” information for the decision-making process. This service enables the client to rely on 4C experience and that of its Construction project multidisciplinary team.  4C serves a consulting role in direct line with the client, providing information and suggesting alternatives if necessary.

4C team visits the site regularly and reports to the client on the degree of progress of the works. These reports enable the client to make payments based on the agreement subscribed by the Client and the developer.  In case of discrepancies, 4C acts as the client’s constructing arm, representing him during those controversies. The final decisions are taken by the Client, supported by 4C.

The visits result in controlling the project’s state of affairs, related to the degree of progress covered in the period. As a consequence a report is produced with comments on the activities and critical items to be considered for the project. All reviews are of a non-invasive nature. However, if a more detailed analysis is required, the corresponding specialists will coordinate them.