Project Management
vision 4 construcciones

4C provides the client with a team of experienced professionals in every aspect of the construction industry. Hired by the client, the team acts as an extension of the client’s organization to achieve the appropriate project design and construction management.

4C Project Management coordinates the Design Consultants and Contractor’s activities, and acts as the only point of contact between them and the client.

The use of the appropriate Management Tools and Techniques allows for a better initial planning and a timely risk assessment. It provides a higher possibility to forecast problem areas when it is still possible to apply corrective actions and it allows extreme flexibility to use alternative operation modes. The service offered by 4C is supported on three main pillars: Time, Cost and Quality, ensuring consistent management of the three.

4C takes over the Project Manager role, offering a set of integrated services that include coordination of the design activities, bidding, and assistance in hiring the General Contractor by the Client. During the construction phase, 4C follows up the tasks carried out by the General Contractor.